Dear MyPassiveTrades members

Some people seem to have had a misunderstanding how my passive trades actually worked.

Firstly when joining my passive trades, unlike many other sites, you actually purchased a product. That product was in fact advertising. That advertising is still being delivered and we request people to actually use the ad credits if they haven’t already. We’ve always had external traffic exchanges connected to them which also delivers impressions/ clicks.

Now when purchasing the adpack, yes there was a cash back programme. This cash back programme though, never gave any guarantees ( no business really can ). It clearly stated up to 1.25% until a max cap of 125%. So simply put, it wasn’t an investment rather being rewarded for purchasing and using our services. Nothing hidden - just a simple business!

Now this was, of course, based from company profits and we built all the different income streams that are still up and growing strong ( real business takes time ). With the pandemic that’s going on in the world the companies’ trading activities in the crypto market has heavily been decreased due to the increased risk and we don’t know how long that’ll last so to close MPT and focus solely on the Eureka Blockchain was, we felt, a natural step. Also of course some of the other businesses involved in the portfolio have been put on hold too due to lockdowns etc. Know one is more disappointed at this situation than ourselves, but equally the stability of the company is what is most important and will benefit everyone the most in the long term.

Now yes, as a good will gesture we gave everyone ERK. 20 for every advertising package purchased. We did this because we would like to still see everyone benefit in the long run from this amazing company that we have built.

As the coin will be used throughout many of our sites and can like all crypto’s grow in value ( especially one thats got buy back and burn, along with real usage and of course the business to back it with a team of great developers ).

We’re not going to run away, like unfortunately many other companies do and the Eureka blockchain has our 100% commitment. We will be upgrading it, adding even better technology ( child chains ) among many other features

Blockchain is in our opinion the future and it’ll be in all ERK holders interest for the Eureka Blockchain to be at the forefront of that.

So please to recap, use your advertising credits and if you wish to receive the ERK provided as a goodwill gesture please do.

Please for any further information visit the terms and conditions that clearly state ( and everyone agreed to this at the point of purchase ) that the company reserved the right to cease the cash back programme without prior notice. A contractual agreement as it were.

Anyway moving forward lets, those of you who wish to ( but not obliged ), work together in a positive manner to build upon the eureka project pushing it in both value increase, but also adaptation.

We are here as we always have been trying to do the best for the business which directly does the best for its members/ customers in the long run too

Thank you everyone for your support while we get back to growing the business

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